Is this a membership or subscription? 

This is a one-time payment. No monthly/annually membership. With your invest you'll get ALL our current products plus you will get periodical updates free of charge! (If you select the FULL ACCESS + Free Lifetime Updates) 

We love your product, where can I leave a review?

Please refer to our FULL ACCESS product and leave us a quick review. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you for your business! 😉 

What is the difference between FULL ACCESS and FULL ACCESS+Lifetime Access?

The FULL ACCESS contains all our current products while the FULL ACCESS + Free Lifetime Updates will allow you to receive updates every time we upload a new product, for free. 

What is the difference between STANDARD and UNLIMITED USE? 

Our STANDARD license gives you access to our template to be used in one project while the UNLIMITED USE is for you to use in as many projects as you need.

How can I download the product I just purchased?

Once you purchase the product you will receive an email that contains a link. Through the link you will be able to access and download all the current and future templates. Please see the video below.

How to access the icons? 

You may find the icons under the documentation folder located in each presentation folder. Please refer to the demo below where it will show you how to get to the icons.

How will I receive updates? 

You will receive a notification through an email. You may also check the link that we sent at time of purchase and for faster access.