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Pitch Deck Templates: The 10 Best Free Pitch Deck Templates for Business of 2019

Professionals from various backgrounds use pitch deck templates to convey their message clearly and concisely. Pitch deck templates play an integral role in presentations with prospects, managing partners, investors, and more. While many professionals strive for the perfect presentation deck, not everyone possesses graphic design skills. Furthermore, creating your own pitch deck templates is time-consuming and wasteful.

Hence, downloading free pitch deck templates helps you to save time and get right to the point! By utilizing more of your time to perfect your message, your chances of a successful presentation increase. Let’s take a look at some of the best free pitch deck templates for business purposes of 2019 so far.


Business Plan Free PowerPoint Template

The Business Plan presentation deck offers a combination of elegance that is visually stunning. Additionally, it’s minimal design prevents from distracting your audience. With over 20 unique slides, you definitely have everything you need to get started right here. Fortunately, this pitch deck template looks like a million bucks - but you can download it right here for free!


Keynote Free Pitch Deck Template

The Keynote presentation deck blends simplicity and practicality in one. Additionally, every element in the Keynote pitch deck template is customizable. Hence, crafting the perfect presentation takes minutes with the Keynote.


Elevator Free Presentation Deck Template

Elevator’s vibrant colors attract your audience’s attention immediately. Furthermore, keeping their attention becomes easy as each slide provides it’s own unique and gorgeous layout. Give them something to marvel at with the Elevator free PowerPoint template.


Leaf Free Pitch Deck Template

Are you working on an environmentally friendly project? Why not share your love for nature with the Leaf PowerPoint template? Leaf borrows from Mother Nature’s beauty to create an elegant design that will blow your audience away. Furthermore, you can get it right here for no cost.


Air Free Presentation Template

The Air pitch deck presentation template possesses a minimalist design - but don’t let that fool you. Actually, Air’s beauty is in its drag-and-drop functionality. Just add your favorite photos and you have a beautiful presentation within minutes. Ultimately, there is no need for complicated slides - Air gets your point across effectively.


Park Free Pitch Deck Template

Park’s stunning colors provide exceptional design and visual appeal. Wow your potential prospects or update your coworkers with this exciting presentation deck. Fortunately, beautiful headline transitions found in Park serve to make your presentation flow better. As a result, the Park pitch deck keeps their attention for longer.


Rochester Free Presentation Deck Template

Have a lot of information to share? Fortunately, Rochester makes a great presentation template for sharing large amounts of information. Utilizing its elegant layout, you can fit plenty of information into this one. Furthermore, Rochester possesses high-quality images and an attractive color scheme. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with Rochester.


Business Solutions V2 Free Presentation Deck

Do you have answers? Present them on Business Solutions V2! This stunning template works with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote. Furthermore, the pitch deck contains 10 unique slides which get the job done. When you need results - you need the Business Solutions V2.


Flat Free Pitch Deck Template

Looking to spruce things up a bit? The only thing that is flat about this template is its name! With its vibrant colors and malleable slides, the Flat presentation deck template works wonder for sending out a strong message. Additionally, customizing each slide is simple with drag-and-drop functionality. Want a lot of bang for no buck? Download the template today!


Moderna Free Presentation Deck Template

Moderna takes a minimal yet elegant approach to design. Hence, while using the Moderna free PowerPoint template, your audience focuses on you - the presenter. Furthermore, it’s ten unique slides make it easy to keep their attention with beautiful elements and transitions. Moderna includes slides with columns for comparisons and others for charts also. Not sure where to start your preparations? Download the Moderna free presentation deck template and the rest is all downhill from there.


Your Next Big Move Starts with Our Pitch Deck Templates

You have an idea or a dream. Now, prepare your presentation and go out and sell it! Fortunately, you need not waste time designing each slide - most of the work is already done for you. Hence, you can spend time crafting your message and rehearsing your pitch. When the stakes are high, Graphic Panda has all of the tools you need. Download our free pitch deck templates, then get out there and make it happen!