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Do Companies Use Infographics?

Infographic templates are highly effective visual tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them no matter what career field you’re in, whether it be real estate, business, the medical field, or even college education.

Teachers use infographics more than anyone else. But that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t consider using them as well or that they won’t be effective for people working in other fields. If you have your own company, you should use infographics if you haven’t started already. While there are companies that do use infographics, they are an underestimated tool that not enough companies have discovered and made use of.

There are plenty of reasons why business owners and companies should consider using infographics. Read on if you haven’t begun to use these valuable tools as part of your company’s digital marketing strategy.


About Companies Using Infographics

A report published by Forbes in 2017 made several interesting discoveries about the use of infographics among companies. This business report found that 56% of companies used infographics and 84% of those companies thought that using infographics was effective. Since this report is from 2017, it’s easy to assume that many more companies have discovered how to increase productivity thanks to infographics, especially due to the fact that many new platforms have surfaced that allow you to create infographic templates and that even offer free infographic templates, such as Canva and Visme.


Why Companies Use Infographics

Even though many companies have stated that using infographic templates is an effective way to increase followers and revenue, there are undoubtedly reasons why you might feel as though it’s a waste of time and resources. However, it’s time that you change your marketing strategy and realize the new levels of success your company can reach just by creating infographics.

Here are the main reasons why companies use infographics:

  • Infographics provide visuals to your audience. According to the same study, as much as 74% of people working in digital marketing rely on the effectiveness of visuals when they create their marketing strategy. That alone convinces people to consider using infographic templates. People learn better with visuals, and since as much as 90% of the information we retain is transmitted visually, it’s especially important to provide the audience with these visuals. If you simply write an article full of text about what your company is and your company timeline, your audience might not remember it because it didn’t stand out. But people will remember what they’ve seen.
  • They are easy to view on phones. It is important for any company to make sure that all of their marketing strategies, social media posts, and websites are accessible to people using mobile phones. This is due to the fact that over half of the traffic on the Internet comes from people using mobile phones. Having anything pertaining to your business concepts that is difficult to access on a phone could steer customers away from using any of your services. But infographics were designed to be easily viewable on mobile phones.
  • Infographic templates tell stories. What do you want to tell your customers and followers? Do you want them to know about your company profile, your business concepts? What about your project timelines or even financial data? These are all important pieces of information that your clients will not be likely to read if written in an article. But using a template will allow you to tell your story more effectively with the use of charts, diagrams, and more, making it stand out much more to your clients.
  • They will bring in more revenue. Going along with how effective infographics are from a digital marketing perspective, they are also going to bring in more revenue and profit. They are sharable on social media and you will be able to reach a wider audience of people. Potential clients are more likely to share your posts and they are more likely to be visible on people’s feeds because search engines are more inclined to boost visuals. This means that you will inevitably get more customers. Your company will stand out among competitors and people will remember the infographics. This is a great way for you to reach your financial goals.



More and more companies are starting to use infographics after realizing how effective they are for a company’s success. Incorporating tools such as visuals and interactive materials in your marketing strategy is a great way to improve search engine optimization and reach a larger audience of people. This, in turn, will help your company to flourish and come across new potential clients.