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5 Best Tools to Create a Pitch Deck

An impressive pitch deck is one of the key components of a successful business. Simply giving an inspiring speech is insufficient. Communication doesn’t entirely rely on verbal components, and 90% of the information received by the human brain is visual. Compared to text, visual elements like images, graphs, charts, infographics, and maps are digested by the brain 60 thousand times faster.  Thus, you need to add visual components to convey your business ideas in a way that will convince investors to see your product as being a good investment.

Keeping this in mind, businesses, especially startup companies, understand that before meeting potential customers, investors, or partners, they should be more prepared. This is where good presentation tools will be useful in saving both time and money.

Actually, developers all over the world do their best to design the best presentation tools possible in order to meet tremendously increasing technological needs in business. So, there are plenty of different programs with various features and peculiarities that make the process of pitch deck design more and more effective.

In this article, we will provide the list of the 5 best tools with their pros and cons in order for you to choose the one that best fits your business.

1. Google Slides

Google Slides is a popular presentation tool very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Google Slides templates are low-cost and user-friendly pitch deck solutions for creating business presentations, collaborating with teammates, and sharing directly via the link or email. If the presentation is created on PowerPoint, you may upload it to Google Slides and edit it without losing content, design, or format. 

The main difference of Google Slides is that it is launched directly in the browser. You just need to choose the theme, add standard templates and insert text, graphics, transitions between slides, and that’s it.

2. Canva

Canva launched in 2012 and has since raised more than $150 million in 10 rounds of funding. By 2018, more than 10 million users from all over the world created more than 100 million designs using this software. With  Canva, you don’t need to have any specific skills with a huge variety of different templates to use, as well as objects to create templates, so you can make whatever presentation you need.

Canva is earning its popularity among users due to its attractive pitch deck templates and variety of filters. It allows you to not only create professional business presentations but also infographics, images, and widgets for social media, as well as print materials with unique designs, including greeting cards, posters, book covers, banners, memes, etc. The platform has a simple interface that allows new users to start designing presentations in no time.

3. Prezi

Prezi is an innovative cloud-based software with professional pitch deck templates. Unlike the majority of presentation websites, Prezi allows you to present your pitch deck even when you’re offline. The software is great for designing dashboards, posters, infographics, reports, etc. Pitch decks created on Prezi are particularly eye-catching due to dynamic elements, motion-based design, animation, and zoom, flip or fade features.

Prezi is not a typical slide-based presentation tool. You begin from a blank canva where you can add any content wherever you want on the page. The display method is not necessarily linear or slide-by-slide. A great feature is the possibility to import your existing PowerPoint presentations into Prezi for conversion!

Another amazing feature is linking text and images to movement. That means you can set it up to be able to zoom in and display examples of the imagery you are discussing.

4. Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is an app that can be used in devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, which means you can use it at any time and everywhere. This app comes with a large variety of tools that are going to help you create the best pitch decks and present them before your investors and board. Users can choose pre-made presentation templates that are going to shorten the time you spend working on your pitch deck.

Previous experience with the app is not required since every feature is very simple and straightforward. From changing background tones to adding visual aids, users will have their pitch deck presentation done within a few clicks.

5. Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote is a platform that apple-product users will enjoy using. This app is a presentation solution for those looking to craft very professional pitch decks and spend a small amount of time. The platform offers a very simple and clean layout where you can choose the tools you want to use and make the changes you want on their presentation template.

Adding visual aids such as images and infographics, will help audiences retain information more comfortably and longer. Apple Keynote allows you to make such changes very quickly.


Summarizing the above, it’s obvious that you can create elegant, neat, and professional presentations using whatever tool from the list you choose. They contain all the necessary functions, as well as the richest library of templates, pictures, and diagrams so that your presentation will bring maximum benefits to your startup. A professional and attractive pitch deck is what you need in order to communicate your ideas more effectively.